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In answer to customer needs, United Citrus has utilized its extensive product development and dry blending capabilities to develop economical, easy to prepare dessert and savory mixes for foodservice. All mixes are Kosher and prepared with the simple addition of water. No extra ingredients are needed for preparation, which minimizes cost and operational issues.

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Multi-Use Icing Mixes: Vanilla and Chocolate, 12/8 oz./case

These are tri-functional products. 3 end results are possible with the same dry mix : ICING, MOUSSE DESSERT, and WHIPPED TOPPING. Prepared according to package directions a rich, 5 cups of easy-to-spread icing for cakes and cupcakes results. Increasing the recipe’s water amount by an additional 50% and whipping according to directions, results in a mousse-type textured dessert. By increasing the recipe water level by an additional 100%, a light textured whipped topping results.

Instant Pudding Mixes, 6/23 oz./case

Vanilla and Chocolate Instant Pudding Mixes prepared with the simple addition of water and whipped for 2 – 3 minutes before chilling, result in rich, creamy flavorful desserts, very similar to milk-based puddings. The dry mix form saves storage space over canned puddings and water used in preparation is always available at little cost. Each package is mixed with one gallon of water and makes about 35 -1/2 cup servings.

Bread Pudding Mix, 12/16 oz./case

United Citrus Bread Pudding Mix is a flavorful blend of spices and other ingredients mixed with water and poured over excess bread or pastry products, then baked to a golden brown color and served warm for a comforting dessert experience. Excess fruits or raisins can also be added. Recipe variations allow operations to provide many different end dessert offerings from one base mix. Each package makes about 37 servings.

Rice Pudding Mix, 12/18 oz./case

United Citrus Rice Pudding Mix is another economical food service dessert mix which is prepared with water prior to folding prepared, cooled rice into the pudding base. Raisins can also be added. The mixture is then chilled to set, prior to serving. A hint of spice makes this a flavorful, yet inexpensive dessert. Each package makes about 70 half cup servings.

NEW Savory Items: Instant Cheese Sauce Cream Soup/Chowder Base, 8/24 oz. per case

Both of these new items are again made with water only to minimize operational cost and issues. The simple addition of hot water and a gentle mix results in great-tasting base mixes which enhance chef additions to fit the needs of the operation. The Instant Cheese Sauce can be used with a variety of pastas, over vegetables, or even mixed with the Cream Soup Base for a Cheesy Soup. The Cream Soup/Chowder Base is a mild yet flavorful base to carry fish &/or vegetable additions. One base = many menu items. Versatile. Easy to prepare. Economical. Our talents with your needs in mind.

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